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Welcome to the Team Page of
Sammy's Gluten Smashers
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Sammy's Gluten Smashers Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $2,500.00
Total Raised: $1,505.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 48

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Team Members:
Total Raised$1,505.00  
General Team Donation$50.00  
Melissa Laflotte$150.00  
   Vicky Amodio$0.00  
   Claire Anderson$25.00  
   Anthony Beland$0.00  
   Crystal Beland$0.00  
   Lily Beland$0.00  
   Paige Beland$0.00  
   Amy Bewley$0.00  
   Carole Borichevsky$0.00  
   Ronald Borichevsky$0.00  
   Thomas Brodeur$0.00  
   William Brodeur$100.00  
   Yolande Brodeur$170.00  
   Lisa Brown$0.00  
   Cassidy Callahan$0.00  
   Delaney Callahan$0.00  
   Lori Callahan$0.00  
   Dottie Eldridge$25.00  
   Audrey Hoover$50.00  
   Melanie Hutchinson$0.00  
   Tim Hutchinson$0.00  
   Duane Laflotte$0.00  
   Samantha Laflotte$760.00  
   Zachary Laflotte$0.00  
   Chloe Mehay$0.00  
   Dennis Mehay$0.00  
   Finley Mehay$0.00  
   Melanie Mehay$0.00  
   Donna Shorette$0.00  
   Emma Shorette$0.00  
   Colton St.Hilaire$0.00  
   Ginger St.Hilaire$0.00  
   Jeremy St.Hilaire$0.00  
   Logan St.Hilaire$0.00  
   lincoln stubbs$0.00  
   maya stubbs$0.00  
   susan stubbs$0.00  
   Nikki Telowitz$25.00  
   ben vandersyde$0.00  
   sue vandersyde$0.00  
   Hannah Vigeant$25.00  
   Jacques Villeneuve$20.00  
   Lucie Villeneuve$105.00  
   Melanie Villeneuve$0.00  
   JIM WILCOX$0.00  
   LISA WILCOX$0.00  

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